Thursday, April 28, 2011

Live@8 in Galway

The Final Live@8 happened on the 30th June 2013 at Canrawer, Oughterard, Co. Galway.
Responding to the theme “The intimate requires separate dwellings" (Luce Irigaray The Way of Love 2002 )
Screening and discussion with Sarah Pucill (UK) of “Magic Mirror” 2013, 16 mm transferred to digital video, 75 min
The first screening in Ireland of Sarah Pucill’s new film exploring the work of surrealist Claude Cahun. Part essay, part film poem, Magic Mirror translates the startling force of Claude Cahun’s ouvre into a choreographed series of tableaux vivants. Re-staging the French Surrealist’s black and white photographs with selected extracts from her book Aveux Non Avenus (Confessions Cut Off), the film explores the links between Cahun’s photographs and writings. Sarah Pucill has been making 16mm films since 1990. Her work has been exhibited in museums, film festivals and galleries internationally. This film premiered this April at Tate Modern in London and there will be a screening of the film at ICA late September 2013. It was funded by ACE and is distributed by LUX.
Screening of Louise Manifold’s “In Death and Fiction” 2013 HD video 6 mins
Live performances by Brian Patterson (NI) and Elvira Santamaria (Mexico), John Conway (IR), Ceara Conway (IR) Isabella Oberlander (AUS) and LisaMarie Johnson (IRE).
image courtesy of Sarah Pucill 2013
Live@8 was a regular contemporary art evening in Galway 2008 - 2013, showing the work of Irish and International artists who make video, film, live art, sound and installation in a social context. Organised by Vivienne Dick, Maeve Mulrennan and Áine Phillips,
Live@8 was hosted by Eight Bar & Restaurant, 8 Dock Rd, Galway and supported by Tulca, 126 Gallery and funded by Galway City Council and the Arts Council of Ireland.

About Live@8

Live@8 was a bi-monthly inter-disciplinary live event in Galway, presenting new contemporary art performance, video, film, sound and music in a social context. Organised by Vivienne Dick, Maeve Mulrennan and Áine Phillips it ran from April 2008 to June 2013. Live@8 has shown and presented the work of hundreds of live artists, film makers, musicians and creatives, with each event guest curated by notable Irish and international curators and artists.
Live@8 was produced by Bar 8 The Docks, and has previously been supported by Tulca, Gallery 126, The Arts Council Project Award and Galway City Council Arts Office. The aim of Live@8 was to show high quality experimental and international live, sound and screen based art to local audiences, support local artists, show national and international work of excellence and to build audiences through the encounter with exciting new art in a relaxed social context.

Live@8 is Supported by The Arts Council of ireland

Live@8 is Supported by The Arts Council of ireland